The Company Section uniform is based on the ‘new’ formal uniform and comprises:



  • Black shoes;
  • Dark socks
  • Grey or navy trousers;
  • BB belt;
  • BB shirt and tie;
  • Hat with red surround (juniors) and blue surround (seniors);
  • Armband and badges.

Unless otherwise advised, boys are asked to wear uniform at each Friday parade evening and at special events or parades.

Boys uniform is ‘inspected’ on a weekly basis and boys scored on their uniform appearance and cleanliness, with score contributing to a squad score.

We do not expect new boys to immediately have the uniform, however would ask that boys wear their Junior Section uniform or shoes, trousers and a dark polo top until they have the uniform.

We also ask the boys to bring a PE kit along with them (Jogging bottoms/Shorts, t-shirt and trainers) to wear when playing games and PE.

The uniform can be purchased at:

BB Supplies Orbiston Street, Motherwell.

Telephone: 01698 259135 Opening: Wed 7pm – 8.30pm & Sat 10am – 12noon

Or online at http://shop.boys-brigade.org.uk

Whilst we do not hold the same stocks of uniform that we did in the past we still have some ‘recycled’ uniform parts available. Please speak to any officer if these would be of interest. Likewise if you are discarding any pieces of uniform, we’d happily help find them a new home.

One issue which perpetually causes confusion is the badgework layout. The appropriate layout for badges on armbands is shown below.


Right Arm
Left Arm