The Discover Award Scheme covers three programme zones and there is a badge available for each of them:

       Community                        Recreation                                Skill






There are four levels available for each Badge starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 4. To attain the Badge a young person has to achieve a certain number of points with one point awarded for each activity. Mostly the only requirement is for participation and their best effort. Other activities will require each young person to set their own target or objective before starting and with the Leaders’ help will work to achieve that.

In addition to the above there are several higher awards within the Discover Award Scheme.


The Compass Badge is awarded during the first year in the Company Section and requires 6 points from the Discover programme, 2 points from each of the three zones. This provides an early opportunity to recognise what a young person has achieved.


The Discovery Badge is awarded from the second year in the Company Section and requires 30 points from the Discover programme with at least Level 1 achieved in each of the three zones. In addition a young person requires a good attendance record, taking an active role in a Company event and taking part in an Adventure activity.


In Year 4 of the Company Section, boys can commence work on the President’s Badge. It requires a high level of points and badges from all three zones, however it is not necessary to fully complete the Discover programme. In addition to this a young person requires a good attendance record, participation in a grade 3 Leadership Course, will have to pass a Scripture Knowledge examination that is set by Battalion and a recommendation from the Company Captain.



The Queen’s Badge is the highest award that may be gained by a member of The Boys’ Brigade. It aims to challenge and equip the individual, provide new opportunities and expand horizons while remaining accessible to candidates of all abilities.

Boys require to complete both Community Service and Service in the Company within a Leadership role. Boys also require to develop a skill or activity and attend two courses, which all need to be completed over a 2 year period after the boy has achieved their Presidents Badge.

Lastly, boys require a recommendation from the Company Captain, to obtain which boys require to maintain attendance and conduct themselves in a fitting manner.


edofe II

The Boys’ Brigade has a strong association with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and Seniors & Leaders up to the age of 25 can choose to work towards earning the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

With the addition of appropriate expedition work the Queens Badge if equivalent to DofE Silver award.