Programme & Activities

The Company Section programme is based on a mix of the modern and traditional. Some of our most successful activities have been one off events, or those developed ourselves, whilst others are tried and tested and would be recognisable to boys of yesteryear.

The programme is developed around fulfilling the BB Object, promoting the ‘…habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends toward a true Christian Manliness’ in a 21st Century context.

This is primarily developed through games, exercises and activities which promote:

  • Teamwork and a sense of Co-operation;
  • Leadership and Communication;
  • Life skills and Community Awareness; and
  • Physical ability.

An important part of our programme is competitions, testing the sporting, physical and mental capabilities of our teams against teams from other local companies and nationally.

Competitions include a range of sports, in teams and as individuals, problem solving, quizzes, first aid and drill.

Competitions generally take place outside a Friday evening, meaning frequent trips to Wishaw Sports Centre, Coltness High School or other venues local and across Scotland.

At Company level we utilise inter-squad competition and challenges to further test the boys and develop their skills. This may be in small year groups or squads, where senior boys are expected to lead and guide the younger boys.

The team challenges provide an opportunity to encompass many of the attributes we seek to develop in a fun situation, or within friendly competition. It can be remarkable how keen boys are to beat their friends at everything!

Not all activities are competitive though and we often have fun activity nights, some with an awareness theme such as Fair Trade or third world poverty, or related to local history or topics such as our WWI and Covenanter themed activities in recent years.

Other times we just have fun nights for the sake of it, with officers often the keenest participants!

Lastly, we try to encourage a sense of the outdoors and adventure where possible. Weather is often the biggest restriction to us getting outdoors, however we encourage skills in map reading, campcraft and other outdoor pursuits and often seek to undertake activity days or outdoor walks where possible.