Company Section

The term Company Section is used to define both the Company and Senior Sections of the 7th Wishaw Boys’ Brigade Company.

The Company Section is for boys aged 11-15 and Senior section for 15-18, although this is generally adopted as aged P7 to S3 and S3/S4 to S6. Whilst the boys meet together for practical reasons, activities will often be split by year group or section. We anticipate distinct programmes for the Company and Senior sections this year.

The Company meets at St Marks Church on a Friday evening, although activities will often be held outside of this time. We meet between 7.15 and 9.45 pm each Friday, August to May (typically excluding school holidays). We ask boys to arrive in anticipation of a 7.15 start, and ask them to make every effort to be on time, however we appreciate a number of boys arrive direct from other activities. We ask that boys are collected at 9.45, particularly younger boys, unless otherwise agreed with an officer.

We are a uniformed organisation and as such expect boys to wear uniform each Friday. The weekly collection is £3.00, which we use to cover running costs and activities. Occasionally we may undertake activities or camps for which additional costs may apply. We will give notice in advance of any such instances.

In addition to the weekly collection we levy a £15.00 capitation fee for boys. This fee covers our Company subscriptions to the national organisation to cover insurance and administration. Unfortunately this is not an option and the Company has to pay for each registered boy. Payments can be made in instalments up to late October, following which boys may not be registered and able to take part in activities.

We may also organise fundraising activities throughout the year and ask that boys support these where possible. As a Company we tend not to run a high bank balance, with all money covering activities, awards or materials for the boys or on general running costs, therefore the more money we have the more and better activities we can run for the boys.

On that point, we are always on the search for new ideas or activities for the boys. Please let us know if you have any ideas worth sharing.

Lastly, we like to think we are approachable to both boys and parents. If we get something wrong or there is anything you are unhappy about please let us know and we will seek to rectify it. If you think we could be doing anything better again let us know, constructive criticism is always welcomed.