Junior Section & Company Section Swimming Gala Wednesday 23/11/16

Junior Section

We had 4 boys attend the swimming practice and they have secured their place in the team but there were many more boys put their hands up and said they would like to take part in the competition.
We have 12 places available (2 * breast stroke and 2 * free-style ) in each year.
There is no cost for the event (for boys or spectators) although there is normally a programme sold on entry for a nominal fee to raise battalion funds.
Boys can wear a t-shirt and towel over their swimming kit to keep warm between races.
Lockers are £1 (refundable) – please share where possible.
The competition (for Junior Section age) is expected to finish no later than 8pm.
For events with a large number of entrants there will be two or more heats.
For events with a small number of entrants there may be no heats (straight to final)
The spectator area does get VERY hot.

Boys MUST be able to swim ONE BREADTH of the swimming pool unaided.
Junior section races are held in the shallow end.

Company Section

All boys who intimated they would like to swim in the gala should be at Wishaw Sports Centre for 7.00 for registration.

Any boy who wasn’t there on Friday night can still attend and can register with the rest. The gala should last no longer than 2 hours.